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XBox 360 Wired WildFire Controller - Limited Edition Ruby Red - Bulk Packing

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Brand New XBOX 360 Wired WildFire Controller


Limited Edition Ruby Red Colour

Factory Installed Turbo / Rapid Fire Programmable Feature

Fully Immersion Licencsed Rumble Function

1. Introduction

WildFire 2™ faithfully recreates all of the functionality of the original Xbox 360® controller, including vibration feedback and full analogue input. In addition, the WildFire 2™ controller enhances your gaming with a programmable Turbo Rapid Fire function and new ergonomic design.

2. Safety Information

The WildFire 2 controller has been designed to be as ergonomic as possible but as with any gaming peripheral you are advised to take regular breaks during your gaming session especially if any discomfort occurs. Do not expose the product to temperatures in excess of 40oC or below -10oC.


Connecting the Controller: Connect the controller to an available USB port on your Xbox 360. Once you have connected the controller, your Xbox 360 will automatically assign the controller a player number. This will be displayed via the Player Number Indicator Lights on your controller .

Using the Turbo Rapid Fire function

By default, Turbo Rapid Fire is assigned to the right trigger button but different games will use different buttons for actions like jump, shoot, block etc. In order for you to get the most out of the Rapid Fire function you can choose exactly which button or buttons it is assigned to.

To program which buttons will use Rapid Fire, press and hold the ‘Turbo Button 2’ and then any one of the buttons shown in the following illustration. When you have made your selection, release ‘Turbo Button 2’.

Turbo Rapid Fire can be enabled on 8 buttons:


Enable Rapid Fire and Set the Fire Mode:

After assigning Turbo Rapid Fire to one or more buttons (see step 1) the Turbo Indicator Light on both handles of the pad will illuminate. This indicates that Turbo Rapid Fire is running in mode 1. To set the Turbo Rapid Fire to mode 2 or mode 3, tap ‘Turbo Button 2’ one or more times.

To change the Turbo Rapid Fire mode at any time or disable it again, tap ‘Turbo Button 2’ (see the following illustrations). You can quickly disable and enable Turbo Rapid Fire at any time by pressing ‘Turbo Button 1’. Enabling Turbo Rapid Fire using ‘Turbo Button 1’ will load your previous Turbo Rapid Fire configuration:


Wildfire Controller for Xbox 360 is a 100% unofficial product and is NOT sponsored, endorsed or approved by MICROSOFT, nor any games developer or publisher. Xbox 360 is a registered trademark or trademark of MICROSOFT in the United States and/or other countries.

TouchSense® Technology Licensed from Immersion Corporation. Protected by one or more of the following patents.

U.S. Patents: 4823634, 4896554, 5184319, 5185561, 5220260, 5235868, 5389865, 5414337, 5459382, B1 5459382, 5482056, 5513100, 5559412, 5576727, 5589854, 5592401, 5623582, 5629594, 5631861, 5676157, 5691898, 5701140, 5721566, 5724264, 5731804, 5734373, 5739811, 5767839, 5769640, 5790108, 5805140, 5821920, 5825308, 5828197, 5831408, 5844392, 5872438, 5880714, 5889670, 5889672, 5907487, 5929607, 5930741, 5929846, 5956484, 5959613, 5999168, 6015473 ,6020875, 6020876, 6020967, 6024576, 6028593, 6037927, 6042555, 6046727, 6050718, 6050962, 6057828, 6059506, 6061004, 6067077, 6078308, 6078876, D427635, 6088017, 6088019, 6100874,

SKU: A5000201

EAN: 022099031031

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